Art Printing Experts

Dot to Dot Printing. The art printing experts specialising in on-demand giclée printing, the highest quality fine art digital printmaking.

What makes us art printing experts?

We are known for our dedication to quality and consistency which is why we are trusted by artists, galleries, and retailers throughout the UK.

My expertise in traditional printmaking techniques, including screen printing and canvas stretching, combined with cutting-edge skills in giclée and digital printing, allows us to offer clients a service that is unparalleled and comprehensive. I take pride in providing quality advice to support our client’s artistic endeavours. This is what makes Dot to Dot art printing experts.

David – Owner

Giclée fine art printing is a meticulous process, delicately dispensing archival-quality ink in a fine dot pattern, resulting in vivid colour and exceptional detail. In harmony with our archival-quality, acid-free papers, and stretched cotton canvases, our giclée prints achieve gallery standards, suitable for exhibition display and high-end fine art sales.

Our commitment extends to ICC colour management, meticulously calibrating our advanced print equipment for faithful and consistent reproductions from your digital files, enhancing the overall quality and ensuring a lasting impression for your artistic vision. This meticulous attention to detail sets our prints apart, providing a unique and timeless representation of your work, and ensuring a distinctive and enduring impact on your audience. Trust Dot to Dot, the Art Printing Experts, to deliver unparalleled quality and attention to detail in every print.

Dot To Dot

The term giclée is a word meaning “to spray”. The pigmented ink in giclée printing is precisely and delicately sprayed onto the canvas or paper in a very fine array of dots that allows intense, pure colours to be reproduced. We took our name from this process: we take pride in the consistency of colour and detail in every print we produce and in the same attention to detail we bring to helping our clients.